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Our in house design team can identify problems and provide solutions before a manufacturing process is chosen. We have both the knowledge depth relevant to your tooling technology as well as a diverse range of experience to draw from. We specialize in identifying the opportunities where additive manufacturing can be utilized to help reduce the cost and lead times of tooling.

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Whether starting from a concept, napkin sketch or existing product, our talented engineers speed up the product development process. Utilizing our in house fleet of 3D printers, we can advance through multiple functional iterations on the fly. With our vast experience in traditional manufacturing methods we know what design features can drive up production costs. Our objective is to provide a quality design that will be the most cost effective to produce once you move to production, which in turn will increase your profit margin.


Micron Layers team comes from a background in industrial manufacturing and machining. We understand precision, material strength and visual aesthetics when it comes to custom parts. Our mission is to provide quality additive manufactured parts at a low cost with short lead times. We realize that fit and finish is important, therefore we are dedicated in producing parts with the best visual appearance possible.

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Custom cut gaskets, made to order. Simply send us your CAD file, detailed drawing or gasket photo and we can cut your gasket using our in house CNC laser and waterjet cutting machines. We specialize in low quantity or one off type gaskets for the machine and automotive industry. Using our one to one scanner we can reverse engineer a old damaged (intact) gasket or the flange it needs to match.


The process of creating a CAD model for reverse engineering requires some basic understanding of the parts purpose so that assumptions can be made if certain features were intended to be perfectly round, flat or symmetrical. Many firms offer 3D scanning services that often lead to as-built modeling which captures flaws in the part your trying to manufacture. Our reverse engineering service utilizes our in house CMM machine to produce accurate feature based CAD models that then can be used to create dimensional drawings for manufacturing.

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